When the Church Conforms

Many of you are familiar with the metaphor Paul uses in Rom 12:2 when he encourages the Romans not to allow the world to press them into its mold. Instead, and as the body of Christ, God calls us (corporately and individually) to be transformed.

We’re usually really good at spotting conformity when it comes to moral issues—it’s the more insidious forms of conformity that should concern us. In fact, I’d argue that when churches are struggling with rampant and overt immorality in its midst, it’s because it conformed in more subtle ways long ago.

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Why You Should Read Regularly

Editor’s Note: My friend, Steven Hunter, is a voracious reader and is pursuing a very unique PhD in which he reads the great classics of literary history. Steven is also the associate minister for the Lehman Ave church in Bowling Green, Kentucky. At my request, Steven wrote an excellent guest blog post on why it’s important for Christians to read, both the Bible and other books. Thanks, Steven, for these thoughts. — mcw

All studies, philosophy, rhetoric are followed for this one object, that we may know Christ and honor Him. This is the end of all learning and eloquence. — Erasmus (c. 1528)

When studying early American history one will find that the Bible was the textbook of choice in education. However, education was not limited solely to the Bible. Many within American Christianity were well read beyond God’s word and often used their knowledge in service to God. Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone were well read men who were liberally educated in the classical sense of the term.

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REVIEW: Living with a Broken Heart

My friend, Paul O’Rear, graciously agreed to write the Foreword to Bethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth. I was very excited about this for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones being that Paul wrote an incredible book that was published earlier this year. It’s called “Living With a Broken Heart.”

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Paul and his sweet wife lost their daughter to cancer in 2001. Paul’s book talks about how we, by the grace of God, learn to live with a broken heart.

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Book Trailer for Bethlehem Road

Bethlehem Rd from Hidden Bridge Media on Vimeo.

I want to say a huge thanks to Brandon Edwards and Hidden Bridge Media for producing this book trailer for Bethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth. The book is NOW AVAILABLE, and I encourage you to get a copy.

A Hero’s Welcome

In the past month, as many of us have been praying for Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol as they recover from Ebola, I have seen several comment on Kent’s “risky faith.” The likes of Ann Coulter and Donald Trump can’t understand what would motivate a young man with a degree from medical school to “waste” it in service on the dark continent. Christians, however, understand that Kent was serving as a way of fulfilling God’s call to go to all the world.

As I have joined with thousands of others in praying for Kent, I have also been thinking about the church’s other missionaries that (shall we be honest?) receive less attention than Kent has. All of our missionaries, state-side and abroad, make many sacrifices as they fulfill God’s call to go to all the world (Mark 16:15). Their lives and examples require and demonstrate more self-denial and more sacrifice than the rest of us will ever be called to offer. So here’s my question:

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