About Me

michael whitworth

I preach for the Carter Lake Road Church of Christ in Bowie, Texas. I also blog regularly at Start2Finish Blog, a reflection of my daily struggle to become more like Jesus. I’m a proud Eagle Scout and third-generation preacher who graduated from Freed-Hardeman University in 2006 with a B.A. in Biblical Studies.

In 2009, I married a smokin’ hot girl named Sara, and we've been blessed with a cool little boy named Daniel Isaac. So far, I’ve authored several books, including the award-winning The Epic of God. My writing has also appeared in the Gospel Advocate, Hope & Expectation, Magnolia Messenger, and Think! Magazine. I love drinking from large mason jars and big coffee mugs. M&Ms are my brain food. In my spare time, I love drinking coffee, watching football, and taking photography excursions into the wilderness.

My Mission

michael whitworth

Start2Finish Blog

Now in its fourth year, my blog reflects my ongoing struggle to be more like Jesus. Topics range from news events to lessons learned from the daily grind of life.

michael whitworth

Start2Finish Books

Launched in 2012, my publishing company seeks to produce books and resources that are trusted, engaging guides to God's Word.

michael whitworth


Landscape photography has refreshed my spirit on countless occasions. I’m proud to share my work with you so that you may witness the glory of God!